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tv   KRON 4 News at 9  KRON  June 12, 2011 9:00pm-10:00pm PDT

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>> former bart police officer johannes mehserle is said to be released from jail tomorrow. today, more than 100 people in oakland took to the streets. >> what do we want justice. >> when do we want it? >> now! >> tonight, kron 4 has team coverage of the release of johannes mehserle and today's protest. >> there is a live picture over oakland, more than 100 protesters took to the streets, many of set about what they see is a short printed sentence --
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a short prison sentence for johannes mehserle. oakland police are there and ready should things get out of hand. the protests has been going on for hours. they started at about 3:00 p.m.. there was a 3 mi. route for a march. the march began at the bars stationed where gri homeant was >> pam, the protest wrapped up a couple of hours ago in downtown oakland, right here at this location where a couple of hundred protesters gathered at the corner of broadway and
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fourteenth. i am told by a security that some anarchists are still in the area and hiding out in pockets, waiting for things to get dark. we do not know where they are but so far as we know that things have been peaceful. this protest up until now has been very peaceful. >> signs like this one say at all. protesters believe the judicial system is biased, especially towards people of color. >> this sentence was so lenient. people with lesser offenses not are given more time the what this officer was given for killing my son. it is tragic. >> a couple of hundred people rallied at the fruit bill bart station where a former bart police officer of johannes mehserle shot and killed oscar grande. grant's mother is angry at nestle's pending release monday. she says mazzoli got off
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easy for taking a human life. >> such an injustice, it hurts me to think we have not come far from * of the complex >> they marched down international boulevard to downtown oakland. many people say they do not want the rally to result in violence. they say
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it is about demanding justice. >> a lot of oakland's police officers are still in the downtown area, they are patrolling around the area to make sure that things are under control. reporting live in oakland kron 4 news. >> there are two notable moments, one person was arrested for spray painting graffiti. there was one person being a pinata that looked like a police car. >> our live tv coverage
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continues with tears down, he is live near oakland city hall, j. r., you walked and talked with protesters today. what did they have >> to >> they wanted to their message to be heard, they were not happy with the way things have been done. they have been holding signs like these and passing out fliers. this protest ended on time, unfortunately no one was hurt. >> 1, 2, 3, 4, what the hell are we fighting for with that, the rally in downtown oakland was under way. estimates put the attendance at about 200, many are upset about monday's scheduled release of johannes mehserle. >> racism is still alive, justice is not served. >> those who rallied were peaceful. >> we wanted the city in the world to know that we will not
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continue to stand for this injustice the number of people who showed up was much slower than past rallies. >> as long as we have people out here and are willing to let their voices be heard. >> i am glad there are people still want justice and want to see peace. we have not gone piece yet. >> out here at fourteenth and broadway, it is a much different scene and earlier today. after this rally started, there were some businesses who got scared and took precautions. you will see what they did at my 930 story. j.r. stone kron 4 news. >> a number of oakland to businesses and boarded up their stores. ha ha ithey say the coms
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not taking any chances. the workers and talked about why they were preparing for the worse in responding to today's protests. >> i want to tell people, do your thing. i know that there is an injustice going on. stand up, but let's do things right.
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>> but many businesses closed early today and they have told us that it will be closed tomorrow. visit our web site at for continuing coverage on the release of johannes mehserle. you can see video from today's protest and leave us your thoughts about his release. do not forget to tune in tomorrow at 4:00 a.m. for continuing coverage. >> a sunny and warmer day for today. the 60s in san francisco and oakland, seven days for san jose. low 80s in the warmest spots and went. these temperatures are up for everyone. in livermore and the
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temperature was 14 degrees more than it was yesterday. tomorrow, even warmer. fo >> new photos of the gabrielle giffords. we also have a car- chance plus one. the famous
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>> this coming thursday, kron 4 will be airing nbc programming into bringing in a special edition of kron 4 news. community at 8:00 p.m. followed by a 30 rock and at 9:00 p.m. it is in the office. that will be followed by kron 4 news at 9:30 p.m.. that is this thursday right here on kron 4. more news ahead of, stay with us.
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>> in bay area news, friends and
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relatives of a missing nursing student handed out thousands of fliers as they continue to hold out hope of finding her alive. michelle le was last seen may 27th leaving kaiser hospital in hayward. a $90,000 reward is now being offered for her safe return. investigators have searched to remote canyons and alameda county beach looking for her. they have classified this case as a homicide. supporters of proposition 8 will be back on court on monday. it will ask a new judge to nullify a previous ruling that overturned the ban on gay marriage in california. supporters say a retired district judge ruled the ban was unconstitutional because he had a conflict of interest. walker has a longtime gay partner. lawyers against proposition 8 say the motion is frivolous. lt.
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gov. gavin knew some and his wife welcomed a new baby boy. he was born at 9:18 a.m. and weighed 8 lbs. 4 ounces. this is the second child for news and. they also have a daughter, she is 20 months old. >> here is a lines of your from san francisco looking out over downtown. clear skies and clouds moving into the bay. temperatures are currently in the '50s and '60s. napa is checking in at 61, we will have a fall of this morning, it will be clearing out as we go through the morning hours. 6:00 a.m. for the east bay, 9:00 a.m. for redwood city and into san francisco about 11:00 a.m.. as we go to the rest of the day, we will see a lot of sunshine cantonize temperatures. nice weather for the sierra as well. temperatures are into the '70s as we go through this week. we have some really beautiful
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conditions out there. nice weather for the bay area. highs and '80s for monday, warming up all over the place. 60's on the coast, 66 for san francisco. redwood city and palo alto, mid- 70s. '60s and '70s for the east shore. castro valley, 74, same for union city. the highest temperatures will be in the east bay, low-mid '80s. sunshine. a high of 86 for antioch. in the south bay, mid-upper 70's, close to 80 in san jose. and looking ahead at the next seven days, we have some really nice spring whether to talk about. for tuesday and wednesday, both days will be pretty warm. the upper 80s and land in the upper 80s and 90s on wednesday. poughkeepsie lot of sunshine, not from -- not much in the
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way of morning fog. by wednesday night we will have a strong currency agrees that will bring in cooler temperatures towards the end of the week. towards the end of the weekend of the weekend, the forecast model shows a warming trend coming back. look for mid-80s in land and mid-70s around the bay. a lot of sunshine. >> miami's 83 is no match for the mavericks. -- the big three in miami was no match for the mavericks. dear lavinsky was the ndp. -- mvp. the first nba championship for dallas and jason kidd. jason kidd was born in san francisco and finally won his first championship ring
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after 16 seasons in the nba. pretty exciting. >> and out of this world weekend at the box office. we will have your celebrity news ahead on the kron 4 news.
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>> chris humphries is no stranger to cameras. get ready to see him in a new reality of the court. the fiancee of kim kardashian is joining her family is a reality television series. the latest season shows kim and chris tried to make their by coastal relationship work. >> the actress is expecting a baby boy in july. >> he never stepped into the
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professional ranks, but sylvester stallone will always be known for his role as rocky balboa. he was inducted into the international boxing hall of fame. also inducted mike tyson. >> moved over x-men, super 8 clean at the box office. -- reigned at the box office with 38 million. x-men was in the second place. they had a strong second weekend drawing in $25 million. >> it was a big week of out excitement in the bay area, the return of apple ceo steve jobs to the big stage. the news about the future of computing. we will show you the exciting scene at this year's a developers' conference. that is coming up after the break.
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>> act a big week for of all, this was the electric scene inside as steve jobs to the stage once again for the week- long developers' conference. the size and appearance by steve jobs, two of the day's highlights, apple's icloud which begins cloud competing for a couple devices into the new mobile operating systems ios5, gabe slate attended the conference for the much anticipated releases. >> we are going to move the digital hub into the cloud. >> apple has unveiled icloud, a way to store digital information in the media and sync everything you do with different devices. >> icloud stores your content, in the cloud. it wirelessly will push that content all of your devices. if i get something on my iphone, it is sent to the
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cloud immediately. if i took pictures, those pictures are in the cloud and they are now pushed down to my devices completely automatically. if i make a new calendar event on my iphone, it is stored in a cloud and pushed to my other devices. >> itunes is in the cloud, your music can be accessed from anywhere, you do not have to connect devices to a computer. when you purchase something on itunes, the new music or video will transfer to other devices automatically. apple will store this information on their giant servers so that you do not have to fill up the hard drive on your computers and devices. steve showed pictures of one of the many data centers they have to process icloud. >> the abel icloud service is free. when -- apple icloud service is free. apple unveiled
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ios,5 the next operating system for iphone, ipad and i touch. because the accord between the devices in your computer. you can sink your computer over your home's wi-fi. >> we are launching a new messaging service between all ios5 customers. >> this will give out of the bis users instant notifications with and store messages and notification centers. >> just swipe your finger down from the top tio reveal your notifications. it's >> water will be built in. news stand will be added. it will
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organize and update any subscriptions for magazines or newspapers. >> when you purchase than they are automatically downloaded and placed in the newsstand. it is a new place on a hot, the home screen. >> apple is adding a short cut to help people get to their camera quickly from the locked screen on their i funds. it is a great for spontaneous picture- taking. they are also adding in picture editing. you will be able to cropped, rotate and fixed red eye.ios5 does not have an official release date, it is coming out this fall. for more information visit my web page on >> the rain has stopped. temperatures are going to start warming up. >> it will feel like summer over the next few days. we will see '80s and '90s, it is all starting tomorrow. we have some
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fall tomorrow morning but that will clear away pretty quickly especially into the east bay and south bay. the clouds should be out of here by 6:00 a.m., 9:00 a.m. for redwood city and a little bit longer for san francisco. that should be just before noon. in the afternoon, highs will be in the ec's for some spots. -- the highs will be in the fifties for some spots. 70's and oakland and the south bay. look at temperatures for the east bay. mid '80s, 86 degrees for antioch. we will possibly seek some nineties coming our way tuesday into wednesday. >> tune in tomorrow morning for continuing coverage for the leaksrelease of johannes mehserle. that will rob us -- that will wrap up for us this
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